Vision & Goals

Building a multigenerational Industrial Mineral Business.

WA Kaolin owns a resource of 644.5 million tonnes (Inferred Mineral Resource reported in accordance with JORC 2012) of high-grade premium kaolinised granite1 and proprietary production and value-adding processes.

A largely unknown Western Australian success story, WA Kaolin plans to scale up operations to become a globally significant kaolin producer with a multigenerational life of mine.

WA Kaolin’s business model focuses on increasing capacity of current products in Australia and broadening production to include other high-value kaolin products, either independently or in joint venture satellite facilities throughout Asia.

WA Kaolin intends to achieve this via its collection of unique points of difference, being:

Vast resources of high purity ore that requires no chemical treatment to achieve/exceed quality required for the different markets. This results in lower production costs and less environmental impact compared to global competitors.

When compared to other Australian projects, WA Kaolin is already an operating business looking to expand production capacity. Exploration, resource, mining lease, environment and development approvals, as well as land holding, plant design and feasibility studies have all been completed in preceding years. WA Kaolin is now enjoying strong growth of commercial sales and offtake letters of intent (LOI’s).

The founders of WA Kaolin have self-funded the project to date, are highly motivated and determined to see the project through to long term success. Plant costs of circa $9 million have been fully depreciated, tax losses of circa $27million are available and the resources have been valued at over $100 million.

1 CSA Global Resource Report R280.2017

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